Have you considered the possibility of past life existences and how they might impact on your experiences in this life?

Why might you consider Past Life Regression?

  • Resolving repeated mental and emotional issues e.g. self-worth
  • Lingering physical conditions
  • Relationship issues e.g. fear of commitment, testing family relationships and repeated cycles of attracting challenging relationships
  • Irrational fears, phobias and mental blocks – getting to the root cause
  • A feeling of having been here before
  • Learning more about yourself
  • Understanding the purpose of this life – why am I here?
  • Weight management – finding a possible distant root cause
  • Release karma and evolve on your path

What does the process entail?

Through hypnotic induction, a deeper state of relaxation is achieved in which you can follow guided journeys into past lives. When you do, new perspectives and learning can bring profound insight and healing.

Your investment – £80-00. Sessions can be longer so please allow up to 2 hours.