What is NLP?

NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) is how to use the mind’s own language to consistently achieve specific desired outcomes. NLP techniques cultivate a success mind-set by aligning your thoughts, beliefs, values and attitudes with your desired outcomes. We take a holistic approach that encompasses all areas of your life, allowing you to achieve balance, success and increased performance.


NLP was devised by Richard Bandler and John Grinder in the mid-1970s as a methodology to study success. Bandler and Grinder modelled the thinking of successful people and developed processes and techniques that  allow us to think differently. If you know how thoughts occur and how you process them, you have the opportunity to develop ways to change how you think.


The Magic of the Mind

We are only just discovering the magic of the mind. NLP enables us to take charge of the mind and use this amazing asset to its fullest extent. In NLP we work with the unconscious mind to tap into your latent potential.


Your Nervous System is Designed to Give you what you Focus on

When we really grasp the implication of this statement we can begin to unleash the power of the mind to magical effect. In NLP we explore the power of our thoughts, the effects that our thoughts have on our bodies and how our thoughts create our outcomes. This is not just about positive thinking, it is also important to work with our mental pictures and emotional feelings.


NLP and the Art of Great Communication

NLP teaches the subtleties of communication and how we can use rapport and our finer sensory observations to maximise all our relationships. NLP makes us aware that different people have different learning, information processing and communication styles. This awareness of the subtle and unconscious aspects of our communication, greatly enhances our interaction with people, boosts relationships and creates happy outcomes.


NLP Activates Your Natural Confidence

Many of us underestimate ourselves and limit what we can achieve because of a lack in personal self-belief. We may not even have enough reason to feel truly happy in life. NLP gets you in touch with your hidden potential and boosts your natural confidence. Through the use of a number of techniques, any self-limiting beliefs such as ‘I can’t do it’ or ‘I’m not good enough’ are changed into positive empowering beliefs. Such limiting beliefs are easily turned around because they are based on a false notion of who you are and what you are capable of. This sets you free to begin to tap into the unlimited potential that’s inherent in each of us.


NLP is Empowering

NLP is really about personal empowerment, how to use your mind to create your own desired outcomes and how to get the best out of people. Stress is more often experienced because of low self-esteem and self-limiting beliefs. NLP offers powerful tools to change any unhelpful beliefs. Imagine the possibilities of being able to take any of your limiting beliefs and change them for more empowering and enabling beliefs.


Who can benefit from NLP?

NLP has dual benefit  – it’s a great personal development tool and it also equips you to bring the best out in the people around you. NLP techniques are applicable in Education, Business Success, Coaching, Counselling, Teaching, Relationships, Parenting and Presenting.


How can you benefit?

Benefits to you are numerous: Improved confidence, Career enhancement, Stress reduction, Increased productivity, Enhanced communication and people skills, Personal empowerment, Positive language skills and Success.

Fees: £60, £50