Jackie has over 20 years experience in healthcare working in the NHS as a Registered Nurse and Midwife. She graduated as a Homeopath from the North West College of Homeopathy in Manchester and is a member of The Society of Homeopaths, working in accordance with their Code of Ethics and Practice.

Although still passionate about midwifery and with a great respect for conventional medicine, Jackie became inspired by the benefits of holistic healthcare, in particular Homeopathy, when she experienced difficulty sleeping during the day whilst on night-duty and marvelled at the lack of side-effects from her homeopathic medication so commonly found with conventional sleeping tablets.

Although she has a particular interest and expertise in the areas of family planning, pregnancy, childbirth, newborns, children and women’s health concern’s, she very much enjoys the versatility and wide range of ailments a general practice brings – in particular teenage patients and children with behavioural problems, ADHD and Autistic spectrum disorder, which she finds very rewarding. At present her patients range in age from 8 weeks old to 83 years.

Jackie is committed to Continuous Professional Development, regularly attending post graduate studies within the United Kingdom and abroad.

Jackie believes in empowering people to prescribe for themselves in acute situations and is happy to give talks to interested groups and regularly organises First Aid/Acute prescribing courses in homeopathy.

Jackie is happy to discuss and answer any questions people may have before booking in to see her.

Jackie also offers:-

• Reiki