Although it is called a head massage, the treatment goes much further than the scalp. It works on the shoulders and neck where it relieves deep seated stress and strain.

If you work on a computer regular massages ease and help prevent eye strain and tension headaches.

Potential benefits from Indian Head Massage.

  • Increases lymphatic flow to the head neck and shoulders. This aids elimination of accumulated toxins and waste products.
  • Relaxes muscular tension, improves posture and can help relieve tension, aches and pains.
  • Improves circulation to skin, scalp and hair. This promotes healthy hair growth and improves condition of hair and skin.
  • Reduces stress and anxiety and slows down and deepens the breathing.
  • Relaxes and soothes tense eye muscles. This helps to relieve tired eyes and eye strain.

What will happen during the session?

The session lasts approximately half an hour and will begin with a consultation on your first visit, which enables the therapist to make sure that Indian Head Massage is the right therapy for you. Then you will lie on a treatment couch while the therapist uses oils such as almond, jasmine or coconut to massage the scalp, face, neck, and shoulders.

Fees: £25